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Understand. Evaluate. Incorporate.

PeopleGaps provides an effective and powerful way to embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion in your team.

Unlock team potential

Break down barriers

Collaborate effectively

Interested in anti-bias training?

We discuss the efficacy and debunk some myths.


Want to set up an EDI task force?

Let us tell you how to make it as powerful as possible. 

Struggling to understand how to support certain groups?

Learn about barriers and systemic changes.

PeopleGaps is here to tell you everything you need to know about EDI training, so you can determine where to put your energy and resources.

Removing barriers to equity, diversity, and inclusion knowledge.

What We Offer

PeopleGaps is a module based e-learning course designed to fit your schedule. It helps you understand what works, why, and how. This is not diversity training. We focus on equipping you with the knowledge and evaluative tools to find the best path forward for your team.


Innovative Learning

Learning doesn't need to be boring. We deliver equity, diversity, and inclusion research that is packed with interesting insights about human behaviour.

Evidence Based Data

PeopleGaps is evidence based and research oriented with real world application. We provide the A-Z of EDI so you can focus on applying the insight to promote positive change.

Learning Check Points

Our market-driven curriculum is like a PhD in your pocket. We push you to understand, evaluate, and incorporate equality, diversity, and inclusion in your team.

the Trainer

We give you the tools to determine what your team needs to achieve your EDI goals. Then we equip you with the knowledge to make it happen. 

Built for people ready to make a difference.

We've designed our curriculum to give you the confidence to stand up for what's right, to ask difficult questions, and to push forward the agenda within your team. We know it's tough, but we all need to do the work to bring about positive change.


Module based learning

Innovative delivery

What Our Clients Say

I never realised how much I didn't know... I've been the Diversity Rep for my company for years, and we've not made much progress. Now I know why! 

Deena Levies,
Mission Bay

This was better than my masters degree. We learned so much as a team, even talked about the 'snapshots' after work. really interesting content.

Tom Smithenson, Parkmerced

This isn't a typical training program. As a Black woman, I thought I knew a lot about EDI... but wow! Learning the science and psychology behind it really gives me the confidence to tell my line managers what we need.

Tilly Green,
Hayes Valley

Explore Our Pricing Options

Tired of getting excited and then being asked to fill in a form to get an idea of pricing? Us too. Transparency is important to us. We don't hide the cost of our plans or our add ons. Our prices are per person, and we offer discounts for large groups. 


We also offer custom packages that include speaking engagements or workshops to suit your team.

Take All The Fuss Out Of EDI Training – Invest In Your Team Now!

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